Please, u can edit one photo without psd to me?

of course darling! send me the photo and i’ll do it

  • charlotte sullivan headers
  • like or credit @dragonerys if you use please
  • charlotte sullivan (as gail) icons
  • like or credit @dragonerys if you use please
  • rookie blue headers
  • like or credit @dragonerys please

(guys, sorry the low quality and i only found the screencaps in a charlotte’s fan website so, they only had screencaps of her)

Anonymous asked
faz icons da paolla oliveira mais não quero screencaps de novela não amor,quero fotos do insta mesmo

feitos :)

  • icons paolla oliveira
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Anonymous asked
Faz packs de Under The Dome? obg

nao faço packs amorzinho :/

  • charlotte sullivan (as gail peck) icons
  • like or credit @dragonerys on twitter please
1likeyou asked
pode fazer headers de ''lost girl?''

prontinho :)